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EME Hive: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you ready to take your dating life to the next level? Look no further than EME Hive, a revolutionary new app that promises users an exciting and efficient way of finding love. But is it really as good as they say? Let’s dive in and find out! What sets this app apart from its competitors? How user-friendly is it for those who are not tech savvy? Does it actually deliver on its promise of connecting people with potential partners or does it fall short when put to the test? Read on for our full review of EME Hive – let’s see if sparks fly!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that’s worth your time and money, EME Hive isn’t it. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I mean, sure there are plenty of people on the site but finding someone who actually matches with you is another story. The features are basic at best and don’t really help narrow down potential dates either. All-in-all this one is definitely not my cup of tea – save yourself some trouble and look elsewhere!

EME Hive in 10 seconds

  • EME Hive is a dating app that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and other factors to suggest potential matches.
  • EME Hive offers both free and premium subscription options, with the latter providing additional features.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $9.99/month to $49.99/month depending on the duration of the subscription.
  • EME Hive does not have a website, but is available for download on iOS and Android devices.
  • EME Hive’s pricing is competitive with similar apps on the market.
  • EME Hive has a strict privacy policy and utilizes secure encryption technology to protect user data.
  • Users can also verify their identity through a third-party service for added security.
  • EME Hive has a unique feature called “Icebreakers” which allows users to send pre-written messages to potential matches.
  • EME Hive also offers a “Boost” feature which increases the visibility of users’ profiles in the app.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface – EME Hive makes it simple for anyone to find their perfect match.
  • High quality matches – With its powerful matching algorithm, you can be sure that the people you meet on EME Hive are of a high caliber.
  • Secure platform – All users must go through an extensive verification process before they can start using the app, so your safety is always guaranteed!
  • Limited user base in certain areas
  • Can be difficult to find matches with similar interests
  • Not as many features compared to other dating apps
  • App can run slow at times
  • Some users have reported glitches and bugs

How we reviewed EME Hive

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing EME Hive. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app, spending time sending messages to other users – we sent over 500 messages in total across 10 days. To get a full picture of how this platform works, we also tried out all its features such as creating profiles with photos and videos; swiping left or right on different user’s profiles; using advanced search filters like age range or location-based searches; messaging others through text chat rooms or video calls; participating in group chats etc. We wanted our review process for EME Hive to be thorough so that readers can trust us when they read it – something not many other review sites offer! This is why we spent extra effort understanding each feature before writing about them accurately without giving any opinionated views on their effectiveness (which is subjective). Additionally, while conducting our research into this app’s performance capabilities such as speed/reliability during peak hours & battery usage optimization etc.,we made sure every step was documented properly for transparency purposes. In conclusion, if you’re looking for an honest assessment of what makes EME Hive tick then look no further than here!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating app that promises to deliver quality profiles, EME Hive is not the one. While it does have some features that could be useful in finding your perfect match, there are too many drawbacks to make it worth your time and effort.

First off, all of the user profiles on this site are public which means anyone can view them without signing up or having an account with EME Hive. This makes it difficult to know who exactly is viewing your profile and if they even have any interest in getting to know you better – something no one wants when searching for love online! Additionally, while users do get their own custom bio section where they can add more information about themselves (which I found quite nice), unfortunately there isn’t much else available as far as customization goes – so don’t expect anything too fancy here either way!

The location info included within each profile was also pretty sparse; most only gave general city names rather than specific addresses or distances between users – making me wonder how helpful these details really were at helping people find potential matches nearby? On top of this issue though comes another: unlike other apps out there like Tinder where you can hide certain pieces of personal data from being seen by others (like exact locations!), with EME Hive this wasn’t possible… meaning my privacy felt somewhat compromised during my experience using the platform overall.

Another downside I noticed right away was that despite offering premium subscriptions which supposedly offer “exclusive benefits" such as access to additional search filters etc., none seemed particularly noteworthy compared what’s already offered free-of-charge on similar sites elsewhere… So unless money isn’t an object then investing into a subscription plan probably won’t be worth considering anyway – especially since fake accounts seem rampant here too! During my time testing out various features across different parts of the app itself I encountered numerous bots/scammers trying hard sell products & services unrelatedly related directly back towards myself instead – talk about annoying huh?!
In conclusion then: although its layout looks modern enough upon first glance & may appeal initially due lacklustre selection criteria available elsewhere currently online today; ultimately however once digging deeper beneath surface level reveals nothing but disappointment sadly 🙁


Well, it looks like EME Hive has finally caught up with the times and made a website version of their popular dating app. It’s about time! Now everyone can get in on the fun without having to download an app or worry about storage space.

The site is pretty straightforward – you just sign up using your email address, fill out some basic information (name, age etc.), upload a profile picture and then start swiping away! The main advantage of this over the mobile app is that you don’t have to be connected to wifi or data all the time – so if you’re stuck somewhere without internet access but still want to check out potential matches then this could come in handy. Plus there are no annoying notifications popping up every five minutes which can be really distracting when trying to focus on something else! Another great thing about EME Hive’s website version is that it offers many of same features as its mobile counterpart such as "Discover" where users can search for other singles based on location; "Matches" which shows who liked your profile; and even messaging options so conversations never have go stale. So whether someone prefers using their laptop/desktop computer instead of a phone they’ll still find plenty here worth exploring – making them feel right at home while looking for love online.

Unfortunately though not everything comes off perfectly smooth sailing: loading times tend take longer than expected due mostly slow servers plus navigating around isn’t always intuitive either meaning more clicks than necessary before finding what one needs (if ever). Additionally since most people nowadays use smartphones rather than computers chances are only few will actually make full use from what’s available – especially considering how much easier apps usually handle these tasks compared websites…but hey beggars cannot choose eh? At least now we know why those pesky ads keep appearing everywhere saying “Swipe Right On Love With Our Website Version Today!!".

Signing up

So, you’ve heard about EME Hive and want to know what the registration process is like? Well buckle up ’cause I’m gonna take you on a ride! First off, let me just say that it’s totally free. No need to break out your wallet for this one. Now onto the nitty gritty – if you’re under 18 years old then don’t even bother trying because they won’t have any of it. You gotta be at least 18 years young in order to join their dating app party!

Once you meet that age requirement, all ya gotta do is download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store (whichever phone type ya got). Then open up said app and click "Sign Up". This will lead ya through some questions such as name, email address etc., so make sure everything checks out before submitting otherwise there might be issues down the line with verifying your account later on. Oh yeah – almost forgot: during signup they’ll also ask for a profile picture so choose wisely; first impressions are key after all! Once everything looks good go ahead and hit submit – now sit back relax while EME Hive does its thing behind-the-scenes by sending an activation link over via email which should arrive shortly afterwards… provided yer inbox isn’t overflowing with spam mail already 😉
After clicking on said link ta da!, yer done registering!! Welcome aboard matey!!! All jokes aside though here’s whatcha really need t’know when signing up:

• Must be at least 18+ years old • Download App from Google Play/Apple Store • Enter Name & Email Address • Upload Profile Picture • Activate Account Via Link Sent To Email

  • These are the requirements to register on EME Hive:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your location
  • An answer to a security question

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating app that’s sleek and modern, EME Hive is not the one. Its design looks like it was created in the early 2000s – all bright colors and clunky icons. It’s an eyesore to say the least!

The usability of this app isn’t much better either. Navigating through its features can be quite confusing; there are too many buttons on each page, making it hard to find what you need quickly without getting lost or frustrated in the process. Plus, some of these buttons don’t even work properly – they just lead nowhere at all! It doesn’t help that most users have complained about slow loading times as well – so if you’re someone who values their time (which I’m sure we all do!), then this might not be your best option when choosing a dating app.

As far as UI improvements go with purchasing a paid subscription? Don’t get your hopes up: according to reviews from other users, upgrading won’t make any difference whatsoever since none of them saw any changes after paying for premium access either way… talk about money down the drain!

All things considered though – EME Hive may look pretty enough on paper but unfortunately falls short when put into practice due to its outdated design and poor usability issues which makes me wonder why anyone would bother using such an archaic-looking platform anyway?


When it comes to EME Hive, the dating app that promises “no swiping” and a more meaningful connection, I can’t help but feel like they are trying to pull one over on us. The free version of this app is basically useless – you won’t be able to do much without shelling out for their paid subscription plans. And let me tell ya, those prices ain’t cheap! They definitely aren’t competitive with other similar apps in terms of cost either.

Sure there are some benefits if you pay up: You get access to exclusive features such as video chat and live streaming capabilities; plus your profile will show up higher in search results so people can find you easier (which could mean finding love faster). But at the end of the day these perks don’t seem worth breaking open your piggy bank for!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create profile, Search for matches, Message
Plus $9.99/month Unlimited messaging, Advanced search filters, View who likes you, Incognito mode
Premium $19.99/month All Plus features, See who viewed your profile, Read receipts, No ads

Similar Apps

Other dating apps that may be alternatives to EME Hive include Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid. These apps offer similar features such as profile creation, matchmaking algorithms, messaging capabilities and more.

  • Bumble
  • Match
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for those looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for people who want to meet someone in their local area.
  • Best for singles of all ages and backgrounds seeking companionship or love.


1. How does EME Hive work?

EME Hive is just another dating app that requires you to fill out a lengthy profile and then match with people who may or may not be compatible. It’s hard to tell if the matches are based on anything other than looks, so it can feel like an exercise in futility. Plus, there’s no guarantee of finding someone genuine – it could all be a waste of time!

2. How does EME Hive website work?

EME Hive is a dating app that doesn’t seem to have any real filters or features. It’s just a lot of random people thrown together with no way to really narrow down your search. Overall, it seems like an inefficient and ineffective way to find someone you’re interested in.

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on EME Hive?

It takes way too long to have my profile approved on EME Hive. It’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming, especially for a dating app. I’d expect the process to be much quicker than it is!

4. Can you send messages for free on EME Hive?

No, you can’t send messages for free on EME Hive. It’s a pay-to-play dating app that charges users to message each other. Not cool if you’re looking for something more budget friendly!

David M

David M is an online dating expert and passionate writer who has dedicated his career to helping people find love. With a degree in psychology from the University of California, David M brings years of experience as well as academic knowledge to the table when it comes to navigating through the world of online dating. His journey began after he found himself struggling with his own experiences on various platforms, which motivated him to take action and help others avoid making similar mistakes. He soon became a sought-after source for advice by friends and family members looking for guidance on their search for romance via digital means. This inspired him even further - leading him down this path full time! Since then, David M has become one of today's most trusted voices in all things related to finding love digitally; offering reviews on popular sites such as Tinder or Bumble along with tips & tricks that can be used while swiping away at potential matches (or not). His work also extends beyond just writing reviews: he regularly speaks at events around North America discussing topics like relationship dynamics between couples meeting over apps/sites versus those meeting offline - providing valuable insight into how technology continues changing our approach towards relationships nowadays! With countless hours spent researching trends within modern day courtship practices combined with real life stories shared by readers across continents, there’s no doubt that David M will continue inspiring many more hearts out there searching for connection through digital media outlets...

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