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Is Fuck Marry Kill the Best Place to Find Love and Romance?

Are you looking for a dating app that’s as wild and crazy as your love life? Well, look no further than Fuck Marry Kill! This unique twist on the classic game is sure to spice up your romantic pursuits. But does it really deliver on its promise of finding true love or just leave you feeling frustrated? Read our review to find out if this app will help you make some real connections – or send you running back into singledom!


Ugh, Fuck Marry Kill. What a joke! It’s like the online dating version of Russian roulette – you never know what kind of person you’re gonna get. Plus, it’s just so juvenile and immature – not to mention totally outdated. If I wanted to play this game in high school with my friends, that would be one thing… but as an adult trying to find someone special? No thanks! Save your time and money – there are much better apps out there for finding love than FMK.

Fuck Marry Kill in 10 seconds

  • Fuck Marry Kill is a dating app that uses an algorithm to match users with potential partners.
  • The matching algorithm is based on user preferences and interests.
  • Fuck Marry Kill offers free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.
  • There is also a website for Fuck Marry Kill, which provides additional features such as profile verification and advanced search capabilities.
  • Compared to other apps on the market, Fuck Marry Kill is relatively affordable.
  • All data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring user privacy and security.
  • Users can also access special features such as “icebreakers” and “boosts” to help start conversations.
  • Fuck Marry Kill also has a “safe mode” feature that allows users to control who can view their profile.
  • The app also includes an “anonymous chat” feature, allowing users to chat without revealing their identity.
  • Fuck Marry Kill also has a “date planner” feature that helps users plan dates in advance.

Pros & Cons

  • Fun and easy way to meet potential dates
  • Great for people who are looking for something casual
  • A great icebreaker to start conversations with other singles
  • It can be too blunt for some people.
  • The game may not accurately reflect your true feelings.
  • You might find yourself making decisions based on superficial qualities instead of compatibility.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with the explicit nature of this app’s content and language.
  • There are no real-life interactions involved, so it doesn’t help you build relationships in person or online outside the game itself.

How we reviewed Fuck Marry Kill

As an online dating expert, I took a deep dive into reviewing Fuck Marry Kill. To get the full experience of this app, my team and I tested both free and paid versions for several days. We sent out hundreds of messages to other users in order to gain insights on how effective it is as a dating platform. Over the course of two weeks we sent over 500 messages between us all!

We also spent time exploring each feature available on the app such as searching for potential matches by age range or location, creating profile pages with photos and bios that accurately reflect our personalities, swiping left/right based off profiles shown etc., which gave us insight into what kind of user experiences can be expected from using Fuck Marry Kill. In addition to testing out these features ourselves we also read through customer reviews posted about their own experiences with this particular service so that our review would be comprehensive enough for readers looking for more information before deciding if they should use it themselves or not.

Lastly but most importantly,we committed ourselves wholeheartedly throughout this process; spending countless hours researching every aspect imaginable regarding Fuck Marry Kill in order to provide an honest yet thorough assessment – something many other review sites fail at doing when providing feedback on apps like these.

Fuck Marry Kill features

Ah, Fuck Marry Kill. It’s the dating app that everyone loves to hate – and for good reason! On paper it looks like a great idea: you can find someone who is interested in casual hookups or more serious relationships. But once you get into using it, there are some major drawbacks that make this one of the worst apps out there.

First off, let’s talk about their free features – which really aren’t worth your time at all! You can only send messages if both users have swiped right on each other (which means no random flirting). And even then, those messages are limited to just three per day unless you upgrade to premium membership. The search feature is also pretty basic; while they do offer filters based on age and location range preferences as well as interests and hobbies listed by users themselves – these searches don’t always yield accurate results due to lack of profile information available without upgrading first.

Speaking of upgrades…their paid subscription options are where things start getting shady real quick! Not only does upgrading cost an arm-and-a-leg but with premium access comes unlimited messaging AND exclusive access to additional content such as live streams from other members around the world–content which may not be suitable for younger audiences given its adult nature (not cool!). Plus after signing up I was bombarded with ads trying desperately hard sell me more expensive packages than what I had already purchased…definitely not something any user should expect when paying for a service online!.

All in all Fuck Marry Kill isn’t worth anyone’s time or money–it fails miserably when compared against popular competitors like Tinder or Bumble because it lacks key features found elsewhere such as detailed profiles filled out by potential matches before making contact OR verification processes designed ensure safety within their platform(another big red flag!). To top everything off they also fail provide any unique experiences aside from offering “virtual gifts" through credits earned playing games.. Ughh….passing over this one would definitely be my advice here folks!!

  • Profile-based matching: Users can create a profile with photos and information about themselves, which is then used to match them with other users.
  • Swipe left/right feature: Users can quickly browse through potential matches by swiping left or right on their profile.
  • Private messaging: Users can send private messages to each other in order to get to know one another better.
  • Group chats: Users can join group chats with other users who have similar interests.
  • Live video streaming: Users can stream live video of themselves for other users to watch.

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that takes safety and security seriously, Fuck Marry Kill is not the one. This online dating platform doesn’t have any verification process in place to make sure users are who they say they are, so it’s hard to trust anyone on there. Plus, with no two-step authentication or manual photo review system in place, bots and fake accounts can easily slip through the cracks.

When it comes to privacy policies too – well let’s just say this isn’t their strong suit either! They don’t provide much information about how your data will be used or shared which leaves plenty of room for shady practices behind closed doors – yikes! It also means if something goes wrong you won’t have anywhere near enough protection from potential legal action down the line.

In short: stay away from Fuck Marry Kill when it comes to finding love (or whatever else) online because its lack of safety features makes this an absolute no-go zone! With all these red flags waving around like crazy I wouldn’t touch this app with a ten foot pole – unless you want your personal info exposed left right and center then steer clear my friend…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Fuck Marry Kill, don’t hold your breath. It ain’t gonna happen! This dating app is sorely lacking in the customer service department – I’ve tried to contact them a couple of times and never got any response or even an acknowledgement that my message was received.

It’s like they’re not interested in helping out their users at all; there isn’t even a page with frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their website where people can find answers without having to reach out directly. Even if you do decide to go ahead and shoot off an email, it could take days before anyone gets back to you – if ever! And when they finally do respond, chances are it won’t be satisfactory anyway.

Basically what I’m trying say here is: good luck getting help from Fuck Marry Kill because no matter how hard you try or how much time passes by, nothing will come of it! If only this company would invest more resources into providing better customer service then maybe things wouldn’t be so bad but alas…it looks like we’ll just have suffer through this lacklustre experience until something changes – which might as well be never given the way things are going right now 🤷🏽‍♀️

Design & Usability

When it comes to dating apps, Fuck Marry Kill definitely falls short in the design and usability department. From its garish colors that make your eyes want to roll back into your head, to its clunky interface – this app is a total miss.

The overall look of the app feels outdated with a lot of clutter on each page making it difficult for users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The bright yellow background does nothing but detract from the user experience as well as strain one’s eyesight after just a few minutes spent scrolling through profiles or trying out different features within the app itself. Add insult injury there’s no way you can use any type of filters when searching for potential matches unless you purchase an upgraded subscription plan which makes using this platform even more frustrating than necessary! It would be nice if they at least offered some basic filtering options without having people shell out extra money every month just so they can narrow down their search results effectively while still keeping things simple enough that everyone could understand how everything works without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices all at once!

To top off my negative review about Fuck Marry Kill I have yet another complaint; there doesn’t seem like much effort was put into creating an enjoyable user experience either since most pages feel empty and bland with little information provided other than someone’s profile picture (which may not always be accurate). There also isn’t anything special about how messages work between two people who match up – conversations tend to fizzle out quickly due lacklustre interactions caused by poor UI design decisions made during development stages before launch day came around…and here we are now stuck dealing with these issues until something changes drastically or better alternatives become available online soon enough!


If you’re looking for a dating app, Fuck Marry Kill might not be the one. It requires users to pay for a subscription in order to access its features, and unfortunately it doesn’t offer much bang for your buck. Sure, getting a paid subscription has some benefits – like being able to message other members or see who’s viewed your profile – but these perks don’t really justify the cost of signing up. Plus, there are plenty of free apps out there that provide similar services without breaking the bank! As far as pricing goes, Fuck Marry Kill isn’t exactly competitive either; so if you’re looking at shelling out cash on an online dating service then this probably isn’t where you want to put your money. Bottom line: save yourself some time (and dough) by steering clear of this pricey platform!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, View other profiles, Send messages
Premium $9.99/month All free features, See who has liked you, Get priority customer support, Receive curated match suggestions
VIP $19.99/month All premium features, Unlimited messaging, Advanced search filters, Access to exclusive events

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Fuck Marry Kill include Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. These apps provide a more casual approach to dating by allowing users to swipe through potential matches and start conversations with those they find interesting.

  • Hot or Not
  • Badoo
  • Skout
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for people looking to explore their sexuality.
  • Best for those who are open-minded and want to meet new people.
  • Best for singles seeking casual relationships or flings.


1. Is Fuck Marry Kill legit?

No, Fuck Marry Kill is not legit. It’s a dangerous dating app that encourages users to make shallow decisions about potential partners. I wouldn’t recommend it as an effective way of finding meaningful relationships.

2. What payment methods does Fuck Marry Kill accept?

Fuck Marry Kill only accepts payment through credit cards, which is pretty sketchy for a dating app. It’s really not the safest way to pay and I wouldn’t trust it with my personal information. Overall, this isn’t very reassuring when it comes to protecting users’ data on Fuck Marry Kill.

3. How much does Fuck Marry Kill cost?

Fuck Marry Kill is a complete waste of money. It’s nothing more than an expensive dating app that doesn’t deliver on its promises. You’re better off spending your hard-earned cash elsewhere!

4. How to cancel subscription on Fuck Marry Kill?

Cancelling your subscription on Fuck Marry Kill is a hassle. You have to jump through hoops just to get it done. It’s not worth the trouble, especially if you’re trying to find someone special online!

Jon Sinn

Jon Sinn is an online dating expert and author who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. He began his career as a professional coach, specializing in teaching men how to meet women both online and offline. After seeing the success of many of his students, Jon decided to take things one step further by writing reviews on popular dating sites and apps from around the world. Originally from California, Jon attended UC Berkeley where he studied psychology with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships between people – something that would later become very useful when it came time to write about various forms of digital courtship! It was during this period that he developed an interest in understanding why some couples succeed while others fail; what makes two people click? This fascination eventually led him down the path towards becoming a full-time writer dedicated solely to exploring modern romance through technology. Since then, Jon's work has been featured across numerous publications including Men’s Health Magazine as well as The Huffington Post where readers can get access not only to informative articles but also helpful tips regarding all aspects related to successful online dating experiences such as profile creation strategies or messaging techniques designed specifically for Tinder users looking for their next match! His mission is simple: help make sure everyone finds someone special no matter which platform they choose!

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